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28 January 1969 (first use)





Family and relatives:

Captain Retzorg (fusee), Zwietracht (fusee)


Contains impostors of Tenguman and Discord, and, by extension, Denga


Not dead


Contains a hermaphrodite, two males, and an inanimate object

Discorretzorg is the fusion of Captain Retzorg and Zwietracht.



Discorretzorg, and by extension, Zwietracht, were created when Captain Retzorg, after being infected by Renamonguy's "furry virus" and being denied a battle from Denga, simultaneously copied Denga and fused with these copies as a means of escaping the symptoms of the furry virus. The copies themselves were not physically shown until they were all shown fused together as Zwietracht.

Inside GiygasEdit

During the events of Inside Giygas, Captain Retzorg took on the form of Discorretzorg and used its Negative Ray to subdue Girt, who was crazed with power after absorbing Retzorg's armor. Immediately afterwards, Mimi, having been fused with the heart the same copy of Tenguman that partially constitutes Discorretzorg and turned evil, traveled back in time from the future. After Discorretzorg reacted in shock to Mimi's dramatic change in form, Mimi began to charge a Shoop Da Woop before shortly aborting it in favor of travelling back into the future. After future versions of Captain Retzorg and Girt, the former transformed into a pixie and the latter transformed into a latex Umbreon, travelled back in time to the scene, they were followed by Mimi, who, after greviously injuring and apparently killing the future version of Captain Retzorg, was defeated by being hit by two bricks thrown by a random bystander. After a time paradox occured due to a bystanding Yamask declaring it to occur, all of the events described in this section ceased to have happened, at least outside of characters' memories.

Zwietracht's RevengeEdit

After Retzorg's 2012-2015 hiatus, Captain Retzorg awakens in an uninhabited region of the Mojave Desert, and after four hours, realizes that it can escape the peril of being stranded in the desert by transforming into Discorretzorg. It promptly does so, remarking that "Life's so much easier when you have a 'Get out of Plot Free' card that you can shamelessly abuse at any time!" Discorretzorg then teleports away, attempting to reach Retzorg's home planet of Slothogonia, but fails to do so. Instead, it reaches an unknown location, where it forcibly splits into Captain Retzorg and Zwietracht.


Discorretzorg potentially has enormous destructive power, as Tenguman can use any attack he imagines, Discord has similar reality-warping powers, and Captain Retzorg possesses an impressive amount of combat ability that is indicated by its facial chainsaws. Like Denga, it additionally has two mouths, the one of which is located in place of its right hand has been known to fire Negative Rays, and the other of which can fire Shoop Da Woops. Because Captain Retzorg is shown to be left-handed, the supplementary mouth's position also leaves it still free to use its dominant hand. Discorretzorg is also shown to be able to teleport. While Retzorg seems to usually have control over Discorretzorg, it does appear that it was not responsible for Discorretzorg splitting into Captain Retzorg and Zwietracht.


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Names in Other Languages Edit

Language Name Explanation
English Discorretzorg Portmanteau of "Discord" and "Retzorg."
Deutsch Zwietrotestein Portmanteau of "zwietracht," meaning "discord," and "Rotestein."
Русский Дискорецорг Romanized as "Diskoryetsorg;" portmanteau of

"Дискорд" and "Рецорг."

日本語 ナカタガトゾ Romanized as "Nakatagatozo;" portmanteau of "仲違い," meaning "discord," and "レトゾ."