"So Drogo, can I interest you in some chaos?"

Real name:

Not appliccable



Family and relatives:

Discord (fusee), Tenguman (fusee), magnet (fusee)




6 November 2013 (Tenguman's death)



"Why hello there... Don't mind me, I'm just destroying reality, yet again..."


Denga is the fusion of Tenguman, Discord, and, later, a magnet.



Denga eats fuses with the magnet using his second mouth's elastic properties.

Denga's appearance is chiefly that of Tenguman's, but with Discord's colour scheme. His antenna, left forearm, right lower arm, lower body, left thigh, right leg (prior to absorbing the magnet), and pupils are unchanged from Tenguman in terms of appearance. Like Discord, he has a grey head, brown torso, brown left foot, and yellow sclera; his left lower arm is yellow instead of his left forearm. He has Discord's wings, two white horns on his head that are oddly thickest at the ends, and a large red antenna-like appendage protruding from his head. His tail is red like Tenga's, but it is whale-like in shape. Most notably, his entire right forearm is replaced by a large grey second mouth. After fusing with a magnet, his right foot becomes a magnet, and in Invincible Mode, his color scheme is inverted and he gains several sharp protrusions.


Denga was created when Tenga, who is in the Canterlot sculpture garden as a statue, was freed from his statue form and promptly fused with Discord, who had been turned into a statue for the second time. He then began a rampage across Equestria, turning it into a land of chaos much as Discord had done, altering the landscape to be erratic instead of natural, using the Negative Ray on ponies, and placing a giant panda in the sky. He eventually encounters Drogoth standing near a giant magnet, whom he promptly turns into a baby dragon. Denga then fuses with the magnet by eating it with his second mouth, turning his right foot into a magnet.

As he eventually also enters Invincible Mode, the subject of his rampage quickly escalates from Equestria to the entire universe; at the apex of Denga's orgy of chaos, the universe is reduced to a Gyro Bowl and Gordymad is erased from existence. Denga is then confronted, however, by Tenguman from 2009. This past Tenguman then gives Denga his heart, saying he doesn't need it anymore. This defeats Denga once and for all, causing him to fall over, begin exploding, and revert to Tenga, undoing all of the destruction. It can only be assumed that Discord and the magnet were returned to their original locations.



Denga uses Rainbow Disaster whilst in Invincible Mode.

Being part Discord and part Tenguman, Denga possesses both Discord's godlike powers to insinuate chaos and make anything act irregularly and Tenga's very similar imagination-based powers (also, being part magnet, his right foot presumably possesses magnetic properties). Discord's ability to brainwash and corrupt Ponies is manifested as the Negative Ray. His right hand and second mouth can expand to enormous proportions, which is how he is able to eat Drogoth's giant magnet. He is easily a god-tier character in terms of power, being able to erase Gordymad from existence and change the entire universe into a Gyro Bowl. According to Tenguman, Denga makes all of Tenga's other forms "look like Level 1 Magikarps in comparison." He can further increase his power by entering "Invincible Mode," and while in this form, he can use a powerful technique called "Rainbow Disaster."

In terms of weaknesses, the only thing known to be able to defeat him outright is the heart of his past self. Tenguman does, however, seem to have some degree of lack of control over Denga; not only does he note, "Strange... Im still merged with Discord. I was sure I would have turned back to normal when I woke up," but he is also clearly in an altered state of mind as Denga.


  • Tenguman and Discord's right leg and tail are virtually the same colours on both individuals; as such, their colouration is unchanged from Tenguman's.
  • Denga's tail is whale-like and his right arm is a second mouth, despite the fact that these features are present in neither of his fusees.
  • Denga's name seems to be a portmonteau of "Discord" and "Tenga."
  • Denga was created shortly after Spore user Tenguman remarked on how similar his character is to Discord.

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