The original picture of Dave "Pikachu11" Taylor. His uniform is a modified variant of a racing fire suit with a rally helmet, even though it looks like a regular racing uniform, it is in fact armored.

Dave "Pikachu11" Taylor is a character that occasionally teams up with Chaolin in the Chaolin series. A former racing driver from Earth, he has a unique talent that separated him from other Earthlings by being capable of using electric attacks.

The story of how it began.

The story of begins with him as a ordinary human who was a world champion racing driver and claimed as one of the "Top 5 greatest racing drivers in history".

One day, a rift occurs between the Earth and the Pokemon World. A Pikachu popped out of the rift during a Thunderstorm and used Thunderbolt towards Dave Taylor. The Earth Thunderbolt merged with Pikachu's Thunderbolt as it struck him, knocking out Dave Taylor. However, he recovered unusually quick and also started producing electric energy. He also ended up living unusually long with very minimal signs of aging. By 2088, Dave Taylor was alive for 103 years, but still looked like he was 26. Still he continued living his human life by living his dream and beginning the Taylor Motor Company.

By the year 3316, Earth was under attack by the vile cybernetic race called the Dominators. At the same time, Taylor became a military manufacturer and has designed a vehicle that was capable of taking down the threat. This caught the attention of the Dominators, and they induced a plot to steal the blueprints for use against the humans. As they attempted to get the blueprint, Dave Taylor (now alive for 1331 years, but appeared to be only 35) spotted them and charged at them. Though outnumbered 500 to 1, Taylor took them out with no use of weapons. Meanwhile, Chaolin was monitoring the planet as his soldiers were helping to fight the threat on Earth as he spotted Taylor as he destroyed the Dominators near his factory.

His appearance in the Captain Creator, His Lightning Swords were enhanced by his electric attacks.

Chaolin was impressed with the immense speed and power of Dave Taylor as he approached him and Chaolin gave him an offer that won't require him to give up his business as head of the multi-billion dollar auto manufacturer, by working part-time with the Chaolin Army. Taylor first declined his offer, but after some time to think about it, he eventually decided to accept the offer. The Chaolin Army provided a codename for him based on the combination of his racing nickname and his racing number. He was now given the codename "Pikachu11". When they needed him, they contacted him by this codename.

His Evolution

His part-time job at the Chaolin Army has provided him a new armor that appears to look like his racing fire suit and helmet. He eventually got stronger as well during his battles. Taylor was almost killed during the battle against one of the generals of the Dominators, who merged himself with his damaged soldiers. He used almost all his energy to produce a surging electric explosion that would knocked the Dominator's merged armor off. That ended up placing him in a critical state of health. Luckily, Red the Dark Chao, The scientist in the Chaolin Army, created a formula that could revive him. This actually not only revived him, but also made him younger.

His original form, as seen in the Spaceship Creator. He does look like he is wearing glasses, but they are really goggles to prevent dust or other particles from making it harder for him to see.

Now he looked like he was the day after he got his power. However, he also seemed to have the ability to evolve to 2 new phases. These provided appearance changes plus increased power, speed, and durability.

High Voltage "Pikachu11" Taylor

A transformation in which gave him the colors, eyes, ears, and tail of a Pikachu as well as golden spiked hair. He loses his helmet, as the power knocks the helmet right off him. This provided him triple the speed and power, while his defence was increased by 120%. He also gained the ability to use "Shockwave" and "Volt Tackle", a pair of moves used by electric-type Pokemon as well as Iron Tail, a steel-type Pokemon
High Voltage Pikachu11 (1)

High Voltage "Pikachu11".

move that is also learned by a Pikachu.

Pure Voltage "Pikachu11" Taylor

Appears almost identical to the High Voltage form. Taylor also gained a metal wing jetpack that came from what appeared to be the hydration pack as well as intense glowing eyes, claws and larger hair spikes. Like the Immortal form of Chaolin, he also became Invincible with lightning speed and enhances the power of the High Voltage form by 1000%. He also has the ability to use every move that was known to be used by a Pikachu, but all moves are enhanced significantly in power, speed, and reaction time. The only side effect is once he returns to his original form, his energy is lowered in an amount depending on how long he has to use it. If all his energy is used up, he would eventually be too weak to move.

Luckily so far, he never had to use it for too long, so he never got his power to the
Pure Voltage Pikachu11

The Pure Voltage form, simply the immortal form of "Pikachu11" Taylor

point he could not move.

The Inspiration of the character

The Idea of Dave "Pikachu11" Taylor is inspired by the creator himself. David Cronan was a Shifter Kart racer from 1997-2001 in which he raced under the alias "David Taylor". He changed his racing name to prevent his parents from finding out he raced, since they didn't want him to. Beings that he was a fan of the Pokemon called Pikachu and he was very fast on the track and worked well under pressure of his rivals, His teammates and fans has given him the nickname "The Pikachu". He drove the #11 Yamaha-powered Shifter Kart to 2 championship titles in the Pro-Shifter class, as well as 10 other titles in Exhibition events.

The combination of the nickname and his racing number became his Spore username called Pikachu11. The character he made was originally a avatar of him in Spore based on the Avatar template by user known by the name MrWeezee . However, since his brother ChaolinChao was active in Spore as well, the playable character of Pikachu11 was made and it was used occasionally in the Chaolin Series.