Dark Dictatorship

DarkCore is a dark, almost barren planet with little life on it, considering how it orbits a black hole instead of a sun. The grass has been dried for millions of years, the remaining water is beyond polluted. The harsh living conditions have made the inhabitants cranky, leading to Torn's heart being torn. Torn responded to this by manipulating the tearlashes' weak minds. This also had an effect on Torn's son, Shred. Shred was forced to follow in his dad's footsteps, and mindlessly keep control of every living tearlash after his father died.

Relation to DarkenVolt

Despite the fact that DarkCore is a great distance away from DarkenVolt, Shred has still managed to invade the planet regardless. Shred often likes to consider DarkenVolt his second base from which he attacks. Considering the tearlash population on DarkenVolt, Shred could easily claim control of the planet at any moment. Shred could possibly manipulate the inhabitants of DarkenVolt into assisting him in reaching his goals, one of which is gaining power over BrightenBolt, though his two ultimate goals are obtaining as much power as he possibly can, and finally gaining control over Storm and Sun.