You may or may not be wondering why he has his own page but its because he has a lot to him: forms, battles, backstory the "main" villian of Grax, and a few other characters that chain to him.


Cryoas is a vampire from a unknown dimension, his ways of transforming civilians or other demons is by replacing their souls with the roaming souls of demon vampires which mutates them into a vampire demon. He is the main antagonist of Grax and plans to over run every world in the galaxy with his army. His first appearance was in TheGrax's main RP as a random space wanderer with his own fleet. His first battle against Grax ended in less than a minute from how bright Grax is (not bright at all...) causing Cryoas to win and send Grax to Earth in stun.

Cryoas in normal form.


theme: Changed the theme to a different Nintendo kirby song (also very awesome)

Mecha suitEdit

Cryoas's mecha suit is how he is first seen. Its powers aren't revealed yet but for the fact, it is strong. Though it seems quite heavy, once it gains a running start, it will bolt. Since vampires can't stand light, it also protects from it. (will add more as the story comes along)


The mecha suit he is first seen in

Mecha botsEdit

Mecha bots are Cryoas's main fleet or his "space fleet". They have not been made yet but have been imaged and will somewhat resemble the mecha suit somehow. They are not strong but do come in huge amounts. This also shows Grax and Cryoas are both good with technology. (will add more as the story comes along)


Cryoas has alot of them but most focus on his skills increasing, accept for true form changing it alot.

Normal: normal form is his normal appearance with nothing altered as it is his normal form.

Battle: in battle form, Cryoas grows claws and a bigger wings, his speed also increases as well as a purple flame trail and purple flameballs.

Rage: in rage form, Cryoas becomes some what darker. His strength increases, his teeth might show. Also his purple flames now contain venom at this point.

True: true form is the strongest of all forms and the most different of them. Strength, speed, flames and flight increas in power. His physical appearance also changes to, might not get it up cause of spore being dumb. He also has the powers of telekinesis.

DorchaGrax aka DorchaEdit

Play on of the word dorcha referring to dark. After Grax's soul had entered Alex's, his body had remained. Cryoas quickly found it when landing on Earth and transformed him into a vampire demon. His appearance also changes to a darker shade of colors.


  • Cryoas doesn't transform people like normal vampires for the fact that he isn't a normal one
  • Cryoas is my most series and most dangerous of characters
  • This page exist for all the characters relating to Cryoas
  • this is apparently the 100th page, originally Gordy had it
  • True form is somewhat a equivellance to John's goldfire
  • Im going to make a Cryoas backstory :3
  • Cryoas is among the most to appear in my battles, along with Darkmatter Inviso and a unrevealed enemy