Character Templates are 'blank slate' creations of a colorless, basic frame that captures the major points of a creator's style for easy editing by themselves or others when making new characters. While template use was once omnipresent, it has become largely unused by the remaining members of the community in favor of establishing their own style for their creations.


Pheno's human template.

The most prolific template throughout the community's history originated from Phenotypical_1's "Its my Birthday!", ultimately transforming into Though Pheno does have earlier creations depicting a similar style, this was the one at the very beginning of the style's lineage. The vast majority of the community at the time of its relevancy either used Pheno's style or an imitation of it.

Pros and Cons of Template Use


  • General ease of use. Making creations from scratch is an exceptionally long process, and a template makes for an excellent starting point.
  • Consistency. Use of a template ensures that the overall style and proportions of the creations made with it are uniform and coherent.
  • Using another creator's template can be helpful for understanding how they approach certain aspects of their creations.


  • Creators using a template aren't given nearly as many opportunities to experiment with parts and techniques, leaving their style stagnant and greatly hindering improvement.
  • Creations made with the same template often fail the silhouette test, having the same overall morphology between characters save for a few protruding features.