The whole story

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Believe it or not but this is what it actually looks like.

Chaos of Hearts are very strange items that exist only in legend, or exist to people who are crazy enough to claim they own one. They contain a limitless supply of life-force and power, but destributes it in very strange ways. It is possible to replace ones heart with a Chaos of Heart, as it also functions as a life support system. Though the odds of surviving this transplant are slim, it grants the owner immortality, but also warping their outer appearence in a very abstract way. Though it causes the owner's sanity to collapse, it gives them a "new" outlook on things. Because of how obscure this object is, its impossible for one's body to hold more then one of these at a time. Belive it or not, but despite all Chaos of Hearts looking the exact same, no two of them have any similar DNA structures. Despite all the rumors over it being nonexistant, there are records stating that at least 3 cases in which a Chaos of Heart has appeared, and has sucsessully been transplanted into someone. To date, there are only about 9 left in the entire galaxy. Most of which are either kept to be studied, or are sold around to collectors are valuable artifacts. But even today, coming across one is very dificult.