Chaolin Omg 3

This is what he look like as of now

Chaolin the Eevee

Did you know Chaolin can change into some other creature

Chaolin as a Human

Chaolin as a human

Chaolin with Purple

Chaolin in Purple

Chaolin is a Chao that controll a army of alot of creatures and unit

He is a hero Chaolin is one of the chao's made by Chaos along with Monster & Red. Chaolin always killing evil threw out the galaxy.

Chaolin as a Hedgehog

Chaolin as a hedgehog



[http:// JohnTheDragon]





Rebdulls (a populer spore user)

ShadowRaptor101 (Yes i'm friends with him)




Poodal-poo2 (Now poo-poodal1 but them quit spore :D)



Atlus (The Fail troll that F*** up this wiki in the first place in the past. Made MrWeezee's YouTube accounts get removed 3 times. And made some people know where I live which BTW was thankfully fake because the image he got from me was the house I used to live and that image was outdated I live somewhere else as of now)

MrSonicMan377 (he betrayed me as a friend and I now forever hate him. He's also a moron)

GeneraterRexGirl3001 used to be Honeybuun1018 (MrSonicMan377's B**** that is a complete moron that allways act like a baby)

XainArchives (One of Atlus stupid fail troll friends That used the troll with Atlus untill Atlus gave up. Now he with MrSonicMan377 and GeneraterRexGirl3001 Xain still trys to troll me but fails because I know what his up to and I block him from my channel on YouTube)

Chaolin as Sonic

Chaolin as Sonic?

More info will be added soon