Due to Andy912live's (untimely) termination of his account, his backstory RP was never completed and the story was unfulfilled. The Champion of the Damned was created when Arious was abducted by a mass-corporation that did underground human experimentation. In an attempt to see if a soul could be physically collected, the scientists euthanized Arious and failed to obtain his soul. Arious died with enough concentrated hatred for the corporation that was being secretely funded by the government that his anger took on an organic form known as The Champion of the Damned. He began secretely freeing the human-lab-rats from the facility in the shadows of the night. The Champion's work became well known among the test subjects pleeing for sanctuary. With the help of a few escapees, the Champion built a hidden safehouse for the escaped subjects to hide. The Champion's seething hatred for his homeland which had betrayed him remained buried inside of him until the day he decided to start murdering the government officials who funded this research. He had slain 81 representitives who had contributed to the research before he was caught and shot in the head 11 times.thumb|300px|right|The Champion of the Damned's Themesong