The Canrux are a despicable race of blood-thirsty killers. They wield an armada of advanced spacecraft, assassins and corrupt government officials infantry. They are responsible for the extinctions of many races, and have yet to be stopped.

Notable individualsEdit

  • Zarke - once a simple soldier, Zarke rose through the ranks to eventually become a general and then the most vicious High Admiral the Canrux Empire has ever had. He was responsible for the creation of the Canrux Superweapon.
  • General Voraz - Zarke's most trusted official and his personal lap-dog. It is believed that Voraz may have been responsible for the murder of the Canrux High Admiral before Zarke.
  • General Skortan - Skortan was one of Zarke's closest friends before the Cold War - when Skortan heard of Zarke's doubts about the High Admiral's leadership, he was appalled. This eventually led to Skortan betraying Zarke as High Admiral and becoming an agent of Gordymad.
  • Kraat - Zarke's son and the oldest of his brood. Kraat was first-in-line for High Admiralship after Zarke's rise to power and before Kodas took his place in the line. In the three years after the Battle of Turus, Kraat became a much more experienced warrior and commander.
  • General Kryntos - Zarke's new "muscle" after the death of General Voraz. Kryntos is also the leader of an elite squad trained to travel through space in their pressurized armour, board enemy ships and take them over with little to no Canrux casualties.
  • General Vatov - the general in charge of keeping order whithin Canrux society. He is also occasionally sent on missions by Admiral Zarke.
  • Kodas - used to be one of Zarke's most trusted officials, but always secretly hated him. Kodas first came to real power after Zarke was made admiral. Kodas successfully convinced Zarke that his son, Kraat, was nowhere near ready to lead and so was made next in line in Kraat's place.
  • Commander Richta - another one of Zarke's most trusted officials. Female Canrux are usually not allowed to work as soldiers or in any position of power, but and exception was made for Richta due to her unique skill set.


Pre-Gordanian WarEdit

Most of the pre-Gordanian War history of the Canrux is unknown, as centuries worth of history texts have been destroyed and rewritten by corrupt leaders. It is widely believed, however, that the history of the Canrux is an abundance of civil wars and power struggles. It is known that the Canrux had been a space-faring civilisation for roughly 100 years before the Gordanians found them, but they had not yet left their home solar system. They had already enslaved a tribal species found on another planet in their solar system.


The Canrux Empire was first discovered by a group of explorers from Turus who had journeyed through a wormhole found in the Omega Quadrant. The scout team only had time to transmit images back before their communications were jammed and their ship was attacked. The crew were taken alive, interrogated and eventually executed while their ship was studied.

In reaction to the images received from the Pirahna scout team, Gordymad amassed a large fleet of heavily weaponized ships and travelled to the Canrux homeworld of Canraa. Observing the power of the Gordanian Empire, the Canrux agreed to open negotiations. However, it was discovered that the two civilisations were so different from each other that (the Canrux decided) there was no way they could possibly co-exist. The Canrux ended negotiations and attacked the Gordanian Fleet in full force, but were beaten back. Canrux soldiers arrived in the negotiations room, but Gordymad dispatched them and personally killed the Canrux High Admiral in battle. The Gordanian Empire destroyed all of the Canrux's space-faring technology and left so that no civilisation as violent as theirs would attack the Gordanian Empire.

Return of the CanruxEdit

Unfortunately for the Gordanians, the Canrux still possessed the Pirahna scout ship and continued to study it. In doing so, the Canrux discovered ways to create more advanced space-faring ships and weapons. Thanks to their slave work force, the Canrux had built a fully capable fleet within 100 years. Following directions found on the Gordanian scout ship's log, the Canrux entered Gordanian space and attacked the colony on planet Vortumnus. The colony did not stand a chance against the full might of the Canrux Empire, and fell quickly. The Canrux then used the Gordanians' own communications systems to officially declare war.

Gordymad sent a fleet to Vortumnus to take back the planet, but to his suprise his fleet was defeated. The Canrux Empire had clearly become a very great threat.

The Canrux then began colonising more planets in their own sector of space, enslaving many indeginous species'. The Canrux also found that the Gordanian Empire had problems within its own ranks - some individuals were willing to betray Gordymad for their own personal gain.

"The Cold War"Edit

The Canrux Empire's newly appointed High Admiral decided that the war was not worth the casualties and pulled the Empire back into its own territory, fully evacuating the colony on Vortumnus.

The High Admiral's old apprentice (now a general), named Zarke, decided that this action was a weakness and, along with his most trusted allies (Canrux Commander Richta, General Vatov, General Voraz and General Kodas) began dealing with traitors to the Gordanian Empire. The last deal they made was with a treacherous Kray-Sarth scientist. This Kray-Sarth gave General Zarke the schematics to build a weapon capable of destroying an entire planet. Zarke, however, was not satisfied, and had the scientist re-calculate so that rather than destroy a whole planet, the weapon would turn the planet into a barren wasteland incapable of supporting life. This was so those who survived the initial blast would suffer longer before death and the barren planet would remain as a reminder to all who might oppose the Canrux Empire.

A few weeks after Zarke's plans were finalized, the Canrux High Admiral died in his sleep (under highly suspicious circumstances). The Admiral had no heir, so his next highest ranking official, General Zarke (who else?) was promoted to High Admiral (and General Kodas took his former position as second-in-command, putting him ahead of Zarke's own son, Kraat, in the line for the throne).

The Battle of TurusEdit

In a few years, High Admiral Zarke's superweapon was complete. He then gathered all of the Canrux Empire's ships, and attacked Turus (homeworld of the Pirahna and the first scouts to have discovered the Canrux Empire). The Gordanian Empire's entire fleet also joined the battle in defense of Turus.

The Battle of Turus was the greatest battle in the histories of both the Gordanian Empire and the Canrux. Gordymad and Admiral Zarke both participated in their own personal capital ships. Zarke's capital ship and several other Canrux capital ships formed a blockade around their superweapon and sent troops down to the planet's surface, buying time for the superweapon to charge up.

Unknown to the Canrux, however, the Gordanian Empire had their own spy - Canrux General Skortan. Skortan was on board Zarke's capital ships, and sabotaged the engines. Unfortunately, Skortan was unable to prevent the superweapon from firing and turning Turus into a barren wasteland. However, the capital ship's destroyed engines caused it to fall into the superweapon's beam and be split in half, killing General, Skortan, General Voraz and seemingly killing Admiral Zarke. The superweapon was also destroyed by a small Gordanian Command Ship commanded by Captain Gurus (but they were still too late to save Turus). In the event of Zarke's apparent death, General Kodas took charge and ordered a full retreat.

Three years laterEdit

For the next three years, the Canrux covertly searched Turus for signs of Admiral Zarke's survival, but to no avail. Deciding that Zarke must be dead, General Kodas finally prepared for his full coronation as Canrux High Admiral. Unfortunately for Kodas, it was during his coronation that Zarke returned and killed him for what he viewed as treachery.

Zarke revealed his survival to all Canrux, and most of his trusted officials accepted him as leader. However, roughly a quarter of the Empire refused to accept him for various reasons (they believed that he had abandoned them, or that he wasn't the real Zarke etc.) This led to a full-on uprising whithin the Canrux Empire and a civil war that still goes on to this day.

When Gordymad heard that Zarke was alive, he sent a group of his best people to hide out on Canraa and find out how Zarke had "returned from the dead" and to capture him. Currently, their mission is still going on.


The Canrux Navy is their most deadly addition. They range from ship to ship, featuring planetary destroyers to

The Canrux Lander

small fighters.

Canrux LanderEdit

Canrux Landers act as dropships for the Canrux. Under the engines features an electromagnetic hook, allowing it to pick up artillery and just simply drop it somewhere else. They have a crew of two pilots and two engineers, plus the eight Canrux soldiers that can just about fit inside. Landers have a slow firerate, but powerful cannons that are capable of taking out fighters with just one battery. They mainly use their 'Paladin Type Lasers' which do immense damage and in all truth, are a real achievement in combatical technology. These are featured on the sides of the craft, with the barrel poking out the fins and the battery compartment behind them. They wield Canrux standard missiles as well as their cannons. These are plated under the fins, but are not used as their main weapons.

Capital Style CruisersEdit

With the capabilities of wiping out fleets and cities, capital cruisers are one of the Navy's dead liest components. Oftenly holding squads of fighters, they are a small navy themselves and are a threat to anyone caught in their draft. They feature Tri-Laser technology, allowing them to keep firing on the enemy without needing to cool down for too long. There have even be en sightings of customized versions specifically designed to ram enemy ships, going right through them. "The Needle" is a fair example of these kinds of ships.


Capital Ship, 'The Needle'