SCAN0052 Blizz Colored Lines fin

A female BrightenBoltian flying fox. Any place that has things which are shiny or valuable is a potential target for Blizz, so they'd best have good security! Blizz has the weirdest past-time; breaking shiny and valuable items. Perhaps, this has something to do with her past...?


Many years ago, Docodezo was wandering around on BrightenBolt with Static. One day, Docodezo met Blizz when she was trying to break the Lightning Crystal. Blizz was focused on shattering one of the two most priceless things on the planet. When she was about to take a sledgehammer to the crystal, Docodezo jumped up in her face and said like an idiot, "Yur pwetty!" Blizz freaked out and hit him in the head with her sledgehammer. Docodezo was not phased by the blow to the head, and got back up to kiss Blizz. Blizz didn't know what to think of it, and just ran away, leaving her sledgehammer.

Sometime later, Docodezo happened to see Blizz again. When Blizz saw Docodezo, she vaguely remembered when they first and last met. Docodezo handed the sledgehammer back to Blizz, and said, "I like how it felt, when you hit me in the head with this thingy. Can you do it again please?" Blizz smiled and hit Docodezo in the head. It was the start of a beautifully strange relationship.

Years later, Blizz and Docodezo had broken up for unknown reason. Blizz had continued to try to break shiny and valuable things, but was crazier and more violent than ever before. Whenever she would run into Docodezo again, she'd hit him, HARD. Hard enough to kill him.