Black lightning is based on a special force team in the tayyain ar
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Currently Gordymad, Renamonguy, and Volt are the members

my. It is a government bounty hunter squad. It hunts down large bounties. Examples of said bounties include, The Geth, Freelance Raiders, the Grox, and The Mech.

Theme song


ships in parentheisis.

Black Lightning team:

Team movie: thumb|350px|left

Raider team(Reapers betrayed):

  •  Renamonguy (Rapture class dreadnoughts, Dead Prophet, Reaper's Bane, and following floatilla) (Main Theme)
  • Team movie:


Mech team:

Team movie: thumb|374px|left

If you want to join then just leave a request in the comments box thing, also specify the team you wish to be on and if you want to use a BLRP fighter or make your own.

What you'll needEdit

A ship painted in the Black lightning colors if you are on the Black Lightning team, which is yellow and black OR yellow and dark blue.

A ship painted in the mech colors if you're on Mech team, which is black and red and plain gray.

A ship painted in the raider colors which can be any.

OR a ship painted in any colors if you are in the nomad (player made team) team.

thats my ONLY requirment. this is because haveing a pink flying bowl of applesauce and a spacefighter next to each other would look weird...


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The Blue veyron landed in the tayyain desert.

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Leona may possibly be joining BLRP.

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