Bigbear, in all his epicnessness

Bigbear, the first, and agruably greatest mascot bigbear629 has ever made, (not that difficult considering his complete lack of skill XD)


Bigbear is one awesome bear. He is the head of many major companies that basically run themselves, earning him loads of cash, has the leadership skills of Optimus Prime (ferealz) and is quite the ladiesbear, past conquests including kelly the cat (by xXWEBKINZXx) Flo his assistant, and a pikachu on flipnote hatena was also smitten with him at one point. He has seen quite alot of action and not just in that way. With a heart of gold, the leadership skills of a certain red truck, Gamera's never say die attitude, and the charisma of Roy Mustang from Full metal alchemist, Bigbear makes for a formidable and interesting character. But he is not without his faults. Bigbear lives in the moment most of the time and doesn't really think about his actions. When he does make a paln he either overthinks it or has to simple a plan. He will either say the right thing at the right time or make a stiuation totally akward. His headrstrong behavior often gets him into trouble and generally pisses people off. He makes a solid and loyal friend, and a formidable enemy. Once you get past how funny he gets when he is mad


Bigbear's history includes fighting in the slug wars, being suspected of eating a cookie, fighting various giant monsters, fighting tranfroming robots, and other such hijinks. He has been in multiple universes, from the stories made bt bigbear629 and a friend of his known as EPIC, to roleplaying between bigbear629 and web, Bigbear has almost always appeared in some form. That being said, his origins are shrouded in mystery.