About BetterthanyouEdit

Yes, I am a mascot community member, and a well known one. But I am with you guys, it's all gotten out of hand. A little known fact about me is, I was one of the first popular rpers, rising to fame with superskittle. After superskittle left, I believed the rp age had ended and returned to mascots, but robwashington and bigbear629 have brought me back. I hope that one day both mascot members and rpers can co-exist one the mc has cleaned up, maybe this is just a team aqua and team magma rivalry, and one day we'll become allies working towards a similar cause.

Rp Characters:Edit

R-down (A downrater who was originally an enemy, but soon turned over a new leaf and became a friend.)

Better (Myself :P)

Groxxit (A rebel grox who previously served under Devin.)

Devin (Grox prince extrordinare, Superskittle left him to me when she stopped using him.)


Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Kekkaishi, anime, sonic, randomness, SOUP, rping, mascot community before it was wrecked, friends, not flaming, final fantasy, playstation, soccer, inazuma eleven