Battles are perhaps the most common type of multi-player roleplay, in which characters from multiple (usually two) user canons engage in a physical confrontation. While most battles occur between only two characters, it is not unheard of for multiple characters to be involved, in which case characters from the same user canon will almost always cooperate with each other against characters from other user canons.

Basic Logic

One thing to note, is that these are more like "guidelines" as to what can happen. A "Battle" or "Battles," as they are referred to, are RPing moments in which 2 (or more) characters partake in, in an attempt to see which one can "defeat" the other one. Of course, none of this is ever serious, it's mostly just for laughs and to have fun at the same time. There are little to no rules at all as to what a character can and cannot do, as long as they make an effort to follow the current events, stay on topic, and actually give the other combatant(s) a chance. Come on, it would be boring if the entire thing was 1 sided from start to end. Right? But of course, each combatant is allowed to do a bit of "God-Moding" now and then, as long as they don't over-do it, unless otherwise stated.
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Gordymad vs Pengoharrisfan1 - Apparently playing tag is part of a battle?

The image posted to the right is a fine example of a battle in which both competitors are on the same topic, nothing going overboard, and just generally a good example of how well things can go over. However.....

Known Craziness

At some point in a battle, provided, it goes on for long enough, someone is bound to "lose their mind" (not in bad way) and deliberately try to sabotage the battle, to a certain extent. At this point, it's safe to say that anything can, and will, happen. Usually this results from someone getting bored and trying to "troll" someone else, but in a humorous way.
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Tenguman lost his mind in a fire. What a surprise.

The image shown to the left is Tenguman who DELIBERATELY posted a creation of himself "going crazy", only because he felt it was necessary to try and consume NOM-NOM-NOM on Pengo's character mid-battle. In the long run, it wasn't much of a good idea. As mentioned earlier, at this point in a battle just about anything random and/or ridiculous can happen. No really... it often does. But let's not go into detail about that.

"Winning" a Battle

First off, it is literally impossible to "win" a battle, nor it is impossible to "lose" either. If a creator either refuses to post any responses to the current situation, provided, it wasn't left hanging, and if enough time passes, say, 1 of the creators just got tired and doesn't really want to continue due to how ridiculous things have gotten, at that point it is safe to save that he/she is no longer in the battle, and any remaining character would be deemed victorious.

Good Sportsmanship

If you actually do "win" a battle, it's best not to brag about it or post anything showing how you "OWNED" your opponent. Le'ts be honest, the last thing you need is the loser of the battle to get into a frenzy and post all kinds of things that could easily upset the winner. So in the event you do "win", it's best not to say anything and just let the current battle "die"(by that, I mean forget it ever happened). Though if you do wish to call the whole battle off, you are free to admit to everyone that things are just getting out of hand, and that continuing it would just draw everyone else crazy (or something like that). In this case, it's usually assumed everyone else is tired of the current battle, so at this point the battle results in a draw, and everyone wins. Yay? After all, the whole point in a battle is just to have to have fun, and get a good laugh out of it. Well... hopefully.

Fighting in a Serious Roleplay

It is recommended to discuss the outcome of a fight before roleplaying it beforehand in a serious RP, as killing or otherwise injuring a character in an unexpected way can derail an RP extremely quickly, as well as potentially anger your roleplay partner. Fighting in this case is much different then a non-serious battle, as it can determine the outcome of events in a roleplay.