Arious the Frozen

Arious' husk of a human form


Arious Xhokiel is a character created by Andy912live (HammerandSickle912 on here) that is used in just about every roleplay he is in. Arious has no consistant apperiance and usually has a dynamic character rehaul every few monthes due to my indecisiveness. He is known to be extremely sadistic and masochistic and cant help to put on a smile when he has to wade out of enemy blood to get home.


Arious has had some massive changes as far as appearance goes and some are comepletely random. (like when he was a Grim Reaper) Considering he cannot age he has served many countries and in many wars and so he keeps his uniforms from each battle as a trophy. He accompanied Leif Erikson on the voyage to Vinland and even served as a Russian spy in the cold war.

Present day:

Arious' soul had split into 3 parts from his abuse of his powers. Two pieces are now his "children" one named Arion and the other named Aridottari. Arious' body mindlessly wanders the world to this day hoping for reunition with his other 2 parts.