Disturbed - Darkness

Disturbed - Darkness

lol alric's themesong


Alric Weezee, as he appears in Spore.

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MrWeezee (aka Alric, or Arurikku) is the persona of the user by the exact same name. He stars in 2 main RPs made by himself, Night of the Hero, and Zombie Apocalypse (known better as ZA).

He is known to be 1/3 Dragon, 1/3 Darkness, and 1/3 Human.

He's mostly up to screwing around with others, and at other times he's in sort of a meh-mood.

Apparently, he speaks in a mixture of a polish and british accent with a pitch range of baritone to treble.

Boi faic by weezeessecondattempt-d3iu7n0

As you can see here, he is capable of destroying souls

In some RPs, mostly on steam, Alric is a COMPLETE FUCKING MANIAC who stops at nothing to cause problems. But in most other RPs, he's one of the good guys who's evil is beyond his will. Or he's just insane.

It's most likely the cause of, in steam RP, his addiction to cannabis/pot.

Laugh all you want at those illegal drugs, kids

Allies and Enemies


  • John
  • Panda
  • Drogoth
  • Driko
  • Pheno
  • Arious
  • Chaolin


  • Anyone who fucks with him. Seriously, i don't even know any more.