99Hedgehog on a day to day basis

99Hedgehog is a fire elemental who is part White Fire dragon and part Tainted Fire demon. He also wields a G-Stone allowing him to use various attacks from the anime King of Braves-GaoGaiGar which is the last anime in a series of mecha animes. 99Hedge also wields Ying-Yang Fire, an element that rivals the strength of Goldfire.


He was born on the planet Elementopia in the fire region but the Greater-Beings attacked

said planet, driving it from it's space stage down to a tribal phase. He was found by a White-Fire Dragon (stellar beings that can't live on planets due to there size. A baby of this race is the size of Australia!) who took care of him. But a Warlock came to them and sealed part of a Tainted Fire Demon's soul into him. Acting quickly, the White-Fire Dragon sealed part of her soul into him. 99's three souls came into conflict and in the end, merged into one, creating the Ying-Yang Fire element. The White-Fire Dragon couldn't take care of him and she was forced to leave him all on his own. He (miraculosly) managed to survive and when he grew up, he took



refuge on Earth, where he lived constantly being the subject for racisim (i.e: having rocks thrown at him, being shot, etc.) all without a home. He lived through it and met some other interesting characters

Ying-Yang Fire

The Ying-Yang Fire elemental symbol

such as Gordymad and Tenguman.

Powers and FormsEdit

His Powers are:

  • Fire
  • Unatural Speed and Agility
  • Various memes (only in ridiculous situations)
  • GaoGaiGar Moves including, but not limited to:
  • -Goldion Hammer
  • - Hell and Heaven (extremely powerful, stronger than the Genesic Variety)
  • -Goldion Crusher (has yet to be used)

His Forms:

  • Tainted Fire
  • White Fire
  • Tainted Fire Demon
  • White-Fire Dragon
  • and his most powerful form, rivaling Johnthedragon's Goldfire form and Driko's Hollow stage 4 form...


  • His favorite food is noodles. He goes half-insane for them
  • He tends to run into battle without second thoughts